Public Policy Papers

Science and Technology Advice to African Presidents

Harambee Prosperity Plan I - April 2016

Harambee Prosperity Plan II - March 2021

NBJ Business Journal Aug-Sept 2013

NBJ Business Journal Oct-Nov 2013

NBJ Business Journal January 2014

NBJ Business Journal June-July 2014

NBJ Business Journal Aug 2014

NBJ Business Journal March 2015

NBJ Business Journal April-May 2015

NBJ Business Journal June-July 2015

Thought Leadership

A Look to the Future: HPPII – What’s In It for the Youth? March 2021

Demographic Transition - Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders - May 2021

Deepening Democracy in SADC: A Youth Perspective - February 2019

National Equitable Economic Empowerment Framework (NEEEF): An opportunity for Youth - March 2018

The Role of Young Namibians Post-Covid-19


Dive into detailed reports on critical issues related to women, youth and Namibia in general. You can also view other reports on the OYAYONE Foundation site.  

2016 Namibia Status of Youth Report by the GRN

2022 Namibia Status of Women & Girls by Oyayone Foundation