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Targeted Employment Creation Initiatives, NBC TV

November 2021

The Agenda, Episode 22

3 October 2021

One-On-One with Denver Kisting, NBC TV

13 July 2021

Daisry Mathias on Royal Hustlers

April 2021

2020 Namibia State of the Nation Review, NBC TV

05 June 2020

Good Morning Namibia, NBC TV

15 February 2017


2021 Presidential Youth Engagement, State House

02 December 2021

COVID-19 Hackathon, Opening Remarks

18 April 2020

Namibia Business Woman of the Year Finalist, Daisry Mathias

16 October 2019

Keynote Address, Namibia Sports Awards



Address at National Youth Council, Board Retreat - February 2021

Launch of the Dr. Hage G. Geingob Soccer Cup - August 2018

Keynote Address, Official Opening Junior Council - May 2017

Keynote Address, 2017 Namibia Sports Awards

Remarks on Demographic Diversity - September 2019

Address, Youth in Agriculture - November 2020